Namaskar and welcome to Kripa yoga.

   Kripa means mercy, compassion and grace. Yoga means union, to bind and or attach. Yoga is the union of our will with the universal will. In other words yoga can lead us to the self discovery of our own identity.

   It is an inner journey that start with Asanas or practice of the yoga poses. Yoga is for all people, young and old alike and can be started at any time.

Practice with breath

Balance with strength

Pose with integrity

Focus with spirit

Meditate with sincerity

Immerse with ideation (mantra)

   Juan teaches Ashtanga vinyasa yoga with the techniques and elements of Iyengar style learned from his teachers. He incorporate the other elements of yoga such as Yama and Niyama with the intent of making the Asana practice more than acrobatic, physical movements.

   As he teaches he try to be an example for his students by living what he perceive to be the yoga way.